Run your own race

On Saturday I went out for a 6 mile run. I had a good friend join me for the first half. He’s a very good runner and it was great to have him push my pace.  It was one of my quickest times for 3 miles I’ve ran in while. Yet, I was a little discouraged with myself at first because I knew how hard I was working to push that pace and he was using that as a nice warm up before he sped up. I got lost in the wrong thinking of why can’t I do that instead of being happy for what I just accomplished.

On my way back, I slowed my pace and took it a little easier for the last 3 miles. I passed a lady and said good morning and we talked a little about how the humidity was making it a miserable morning but at least we were out there putting in our miles.  I got back to my car and was doing some stretching when she finished her run. She gave me a nice complement on my run and said she wished she could have made it look as easy as I did this morning. It was just the reminder that I needed that you have to run your own race and be the best me that I can be. There will always be someone who is faster and someone who is slower than you. You have to look at the effort you gave and stop comparing yourself to others.


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