How To: Make a Nike+ iPod Sensor Shoelace Holder

Items Needed:

  • Nike+ iPod sensor
  • 1-1/4 inch heat shrink tubing about 4 inches in length.
  • 4 nails or golf tees
  • A heat gun or blow dryer.

Estimated time: 15 mins Cost: about $2.50 To better track my running, I bought a Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Black). I bought the one with the iPod sensor as it communicates with the watch to help keep better accuracy when the GPS signal is weak or lost.  Since I don’t wear the Nike shoes that have a place to put the sensor in the shoe sole, I made a holder for it to attach to my shoe laces.  There are plenty of options you can purchase to hold the sensor on your laces in the $10 range, but I thought I could come up with a different solution for a cheaper price.  I was going to find a piece of rubber tube, but while wandering the hardware store, I found 1-1/4” electronic heat shrink and thought it would be a perfect option. A 2 pack of 1-1/4″ x 4″ was $2.50 at the hardware store. Image The 1-1/4″ heat shrink is a perfect fit for sliding the Nike+ iPod sensor. Image I took 4 golf tees to make holes for the shoe laces. 4 large nails would also work well for this. Image I then used a blow dryer on the highest heat setting to shrink the heat shrink around the sensor while leaving the tees in place until it had cooled off. Using a heat gun would speed up this process as it took a while to get the blow dryer warm enough.  Since I wasn’t sure if the sensor had to be kept in a certain orientation, I cut out a small arrow out of cardboard and slid it on the sensor before shrinking the heat shrink.


After a little trimming to clean it up, I laced it into my running shoes.  I think it turned about pretty well and the black blends in with my shoes nicely. I’ve used this setup for a few months now and have been very happy with it.  It’s very secure and it’s waterproof so no worries when running on wet days.